Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Cure

May the skippy thought process be with you....

-The Cure....Why do all my favorite songs happen to be by The Cure?
-I need to tweet once more the awkward family photos link. Maybe it's just my humor, but that website deserves some publicity. It's amazing. Amazingly hilarious and weird.
-Thank goodness for indie music. I swear if I were forced to listen to TI or NE-Yo or Kanye or TSwift.........violence awaits whoever forced me.
-Song hunting. I hate that Imeem is gone...damn you, Myspace. The loss of Imeem means resorting to Pandora, which sucks for people with song ADD like myself.
-This time I didn't even have any caffeine, but I can't sleep.
-You've got to make your own kind of music. Sing your own special song. MAMA CASS!!
-I'm seriously considering getting a perm. Curly hair means hair that takes care of itself and doesn't hang around your face.
-Reading on the Kindle is so ridiculously convenient. Thought I'd hate it, but I love it. Never knew how uncomfortable reading an actual book was until now.
-Found a hobby: cleaning. Today's little project was cleaning my bathroom, which hasn't been cleaned in years. I threw out a huge bag of crap (not literally crap, but crap nonetheless) and completely reorganized everything in there, of course AFTER scrubbing the place down with chemicals I'm pretty sure I inhaled a good portion of.
-I think I'm developing OCD...The second I see my perfect masterpiece speckled with something that doesn't belong, I rush over and fix it. :)
-Why is it that I look up one painting on Google and that painting and several others like it follow me to every website I go to in the form of an advertisement? Google, you are taking over the world...stop, it's scaring me (China doesn't have to worry about this...Although, they have to worry about a hell of a lot more of privacy issues).
-North Korea...Honestly, I understand and appreciate that I have ancestors from there (gives you perspective), but GET THE HELL OFF THE MAP ALREADY! How effing far behind does an entire nation have to be that literally everything is controlled by one psycho dictator?! Take care of yourselves, starving masses. It'll be over soon, I hope. :(
-BLAH 6:54 sleep
-Sunrises are beautiful.

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