Friday, August 13, 2010

To Sleep or...

So it's 5:30 AM right now and I still have yet to knock out. Instead of sleeping like a normal person, tonight I decided to make a dress. Oddly enough, this dress I made is ridiculously feminine in all it's pinkness...not at all something I would wear, except maybe if I were a bridesmaid or a peppy tween on Glee. Now, I obviously don't make dresses in a quiet room where all I hear is the sewing machine. I watch/listen to Lost in the background as I sew.
Some conflicting thoughts on sleep:
-I have recently started Googling the effects of getting too much sleep at a time (I've already experienced the too little). So far, most websites recommended that people should not get more than 8 hours of sleep per night. HAR HAR! When I'm on vacation, I can only laugh at these because I am perfectly capable of sleeping 13 hours day after day. I think I'm going to finally run my little experiment in which I can get a jaw-dropping amount of sleep at once (no bathroom breaks). I've done 18 hours once. One of these days, I shall lock my door and tell people not to worry, for I am not dead or in a coma.
-I'm a ridiculously deep sleeper. I have slept through several earthquakes, one of which I should have definitely felt, considering I slept on the FLOOR.
-I'm pretty sure I have attempted to sing in my sleep. I was back in high school, trying to sing the Glee version of "Don't Stop Believin'" with my choir. I recall having the most difficult time with the solo because my nighttime-only retainer was restricting all mouth movement... And I'm pretty sure I actually heard myself...Thank goodness I sleep alone.
-I won't let myself sleep if I haven't exercised that day. I know...exercise freak. Honestly, it's only because I'm a food freak. Eating is definitely more of a recreational thing for me than it is a crucial act of survival. Therefore, my damn treadmill may never go dusty.
-Twinings Darjeeling tea has failed me. You call yourself English tea! Last night I had one cup of Tazo tea (yeah, that crap they give you at chainy Starbucks) and I was far more awake than I was when I drank an entire pot of you!!!!
-An instant waker-upper is playing triple-deck spit/speed (whatever you want to call it) with anyone who is sadly awake with me and willing to go at it. Usually, it's my sister. It's practically exercise for us, considering how much we jump up and down and silently scream (?).

-This is a stupid entry...a result of time between making a dress that no one has yet seen and going for my morning jog. I'm sorry if you read all of this.
-Shoutout to STEVEN! Glad you somewhat enjoy my ramblings/rants/jibberjabber. Glad anyone reads this actually... Finally someone clicked on that little link by my twitter username. Thank you, Steven, and thank you, Jimmy Kimmel!
-Merrrr. Ipod's in the car...have to recharge it for the's cold and still dark...


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