Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lost Lost LOST!!!

So...now that the oil spill is being dealt with and there isn't any oil freely spewing out 2 million gallons a day, or a least the last time I checked, I have no constant source of annoyance with big oil and supporters of "streamline government." My "Lost" marathon is sadly over...probably for the better, but it probably will live on in my own little world forever (or at least until the next wonderful thing aggressively captures my attention). Here are some ways in which the brilliant show has impacted my "life":

-I have had at least 9 extremely vivid, violent, and action-packed dreams involving all the characters from the show, especially the dreamy Dr. Jack Shephard. I'm starting to think this may be a problem considering the fact that I slept for 16 hours straight (I was exhausted from a previous all-nighter) and wouldn't have been awoken from my 16 hours of nonstop Lost-themed mindscrew if it weren't for my hungry sister. Also, my dream featured a very comfortably violent me. I was constantly trying to shoot someone with my rifle. At one point, I shot a man in the face with a spear gun, like the one in the episode where Charlie died. He was still talking afterward. Typical unrealistic dream of mine.
-I have discovered Lostpedia online! It features all the characters' information in each episode and their backgrounds. It also holds little secrets, allusions, and theories! BAH!! My own little pathetic heaven where people like me lose touch with reality.
-I almost screamed when I found out that Jorge Garcia's face was on the new album cover for Weezer. Actually, it was more of a quiet, "Ahhh!!!!" As I read the article, I was somewhat disappointed to know that the main guy was only on the second season and that none of the songs had to do with the show. Well, I'm still ecstatic about the acknowledging of this show.
-I am constantly wondering where I can find a guy like Jack. Maybe I'd even be wondering where I can find a future Matthew Fox. Come on...Columbia graduate, with his wife for 22 years, 2 kids, insanely tall, talented, and well...HOT (I JUST got comfortable saying this word...now working on "handsome," which is going to take a while since it weirds me out).
-I have begun to finally say, "SCREW YOU, NORMALCY. DONT FORCE YOUR BIOLOGICAL CLOCK CRAP ON ME!" All my life, I have tried to keep a regular sleep schedule and still, no success. What is the point? Tonight, I pulled another all-nighter simply because I couldn't sleep. Back to the show...This is relevant because this show has led me to believe that normalcy is not for everyone.

I think I may have obsessive tendencies...
Sidethought: Maybe I'll delete this later and try to forget how painfully pathetic I once was.

Awake and ready for a 6-mile run! LET'S GIT!

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  1. Saw your Twitter reposted by Jimmy Kimmel. That makes you famous... or something. I feel your occasional insomnia... My law partner makes fun of me because I often get more done at 3 am than I do during business hours. Hence my wayward Internet wonderings that lead me here and a host of other far less savory places.

    Keep up the writing, btw, never know what abnormal peeps like myself are watching and enjoying from a (safe) distance.