Monday, September 20, 2010

recycle, reuse

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling pretty green lately. And no, I'm not turning green physically. But if you've been around for the past few years, you know what I mean. Here are some thoughts to take with you:
-when you buy something, understand that you will eventually have to dispose of it. Recycle, dispose carefully, or let it be one of the few things you do throw away in your life
-don't let the water run while you do the dishes; soak all at once in the beginning, rinse with soap, and then turn the sink on again to get the soap off
-automatic flushers are stupid
-plastic water bottles are stupid; you can save tens of thousands of dollars by just using an aluminum or bpa-free reusable plastic water bottle

Peace out.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What do they have in common?

a bump-it...among other things...

Friday, September 10, 2010


Hi. My name is Jen, and I am a news junky.
I religiously read CNN and leave strongly worded comments on certain articles that I find interest in. I love Anderson Cooper. I love knowing what's going on on network television news before they announce it. I like checking my CNN profile to see how many "Likes" and replies I get. Always a few likes, always some helpful comments, always some philosophical nonsense ramblings. I like the feel of newspaper and the smell of the ink, though I don't really like reading about YESTERDAY'S news. I love being able to tell my family members what's going on in the world. I love arguing with people who tell false facts. I love reading about people who get their severed hands reattached. I love reading about natural disasters....this year is natural disaster year.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Domestic Me

Why so random? Really....Why do I have to be the most random person ever??? Here are my hobbies/activities/interests:
-designing/making clothes
-sewing things to use around the house (curtains, oven mitts, etc.)
-crocheting crap
-water polo/swim (3 years water polo, 4 years swim in high school)
-tennis (3 years in high school, 2 before hs)
-learning about human anatomy/processes
-reading somewhat dull books (autobiographical, Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, etc.)
-reading diy books and guide books
-watching ridiculous amounts of tv
-going to movie theatres only at night
-staying up for no good reason
-sleeping 18 hours at a time
-running 6-8 miles randomly, sometimes on no sleep
-black coffee
-black tea, green tea
-music hunting (indie, 80s, british, very little mainstream)
-driving long distances, cross-country road trips
-traffic (good time to think and sing in car)
-eating ridiculous amounts of food (burgers, mexican, korean, thai, fries)
-ironing clothes while watching tv
-intense, therapeutic cleaning sessions (throwing out a lot of stuff and scrubbing/vacuuming)
-not eating till dinner sometimes
-planning my wedding (no where near engaged, either)
-my dog only....any other dog seems like a dog. mine acts human
-completely irregular sleep cycle/biological clock
-cooking, NOT baking
-cleaning products that don't mess up my faucets
-matthew fox and all things lost-related, except ana lucia
-chick flicks
-blockbuster more than netflix
-raisinets, red vines, and popcorn (best combo for a movie)
-pc NOT macs
-not having my brain walled off by religion

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Cure

May the skippy thought process be with you....

-The Cure....Why do all my favorite songs happen to be by The Cure?
-I need to tweet once more the awkward family photos link. Maybe it's just my humor, but that website deserves some publicity. It's amazing. Amazingly hilarious and weird.
-Thank goodness for indie music. I swear if I were forced to listen to TI or NE-Yo or Kanye or TSwift.........violence awaits whoever forced me.
-Song hunting. I hate that Imeem is gone...damn you, Myspace. The loss of Imeem means resorting to Pandora, which sucks for people with song ADD like myself.
-This time I didn't even have any caffeine, but I can't sleep.
-You've got to make your own kind of music. Sing your own special song. MAMA CASS!!
-I'm seriously considering getting a perm. Curly hair means hair that takes care of itself and doesn't hang around your face.
-Reading on the Kindle is so ridiculously convenient. Thought I'd hate it, but I love it. Never knew how uncomfortable reading an actual book was until now.
-Found a hobby: cleaning. Today's little project was cleaning my bathroom, which hasn't been cleaned in years. I threw out a huge bag of crap (not literally crap, but crap nonetheless) and completely reorganized everything in there, of course AFTER scrubbing the place down with chemicals I'm pretty sure I inhaled a good portion of.
-I think I'm developing OCD...The second I see my perfect masterpiece speckled with something that doesn't belong, I rush over and fix it. :)
-Why is it that I look up one painting on Google and that painting and several others like it follow me to every website I go to in the form of an advertisement? Google, you are taking over the world...stop, it's scaring me (China doesn't have to worry about this...Although, they have to worry about a hell of a lot more of privacy issues).
-North Korea...Honestly, I understand and appreciate that I have ancestors from there (gives you perspective), but GET THE HELL OFF THE MAP ALREADY! How effing far behind does an entire nation have to be that literally everything is controlled by one psycho dictator?! Take care of yourselves, starving masses. It'll be over soon, I hope. :(
-BLAH 6:54 sleep
-Sunrises are beautiful.

Friday, August 13, 2010

To Sleep or...

So it's 5:30 AM right now and I still have yet to knock out. Instead of sleeping like a normal person, tonight I decided to make a dress. Oddly enough, this dress I made is ridiculously feminine in all it's pinkness...not at all something I would wear, except maybe if I were a bridesmaid or a peppy tween on Glee. Now, I obviously don't make dresses in a quiet room where all I hear is the sewing machine. I watch/listen to Lost in the background as I sew.
Some conflicting thoughts on sleep:
-I have recently started Googling the effects of getting too much sleep at a time (I've already experienced the too little). So far, most websites recommended that people should not get more than 8 hours of sleep per night. HAR HAR! When I'm on vacation, I can only laugh at these because I am perfectly capable of sleeping 13 hours day after day. I think I'm going to finally run my little experiment in which I can get a jaw-dropping amount of sleep at once (no bathroom breaks). I've done 18 hours once. One of these days, I shall lock my door and tell people not to worry, for I am not dead or in a coma.
-I'm a ridiculously deep sleeper. I have slept through several earthquakes, one of which I should have definitely felt, considering I slept on the FLOOR.
-I'm pretty sure I have attempted to sing in my sleep. I was back in high school, trying to sing the Glee version of "Don't Stop Believin'" with my choir. I recall having the most difficult time with the solo because my nighttime-only retainer was restricting all mouth movement... And I'm pretty sure I actually heard myself...Thank goodness I sleep alone.
-I won't let myself sleep if I haven't exercised that day. I know...exercise freak. Honestly, it's only because I'm a food freak. Eating is definitely more of a recreational thing for me than it is a crucial act of survival. Therefore, my damn treadmill may never go dusty.
-Twinings Darjeeling tea has failed me. You call yourself English tea! Last night I had one cup of Tazo tea (yeah, that crap they give you at chainy Starbucks) and I was far more awake than I was when I drank an entire pot of you!!!!
-An instant waker-upper is playing triple-deck spit/speed (whatever you want to call it) with anyone who is sadly awake with me and willing to go at it. Usually, it's my sister. It's practically exercise for us, considering how much we jump up and down and silently scream (?).

-This is a stupid entry...a result of time between making a dress that no one has yet seen and going for my morning jog. I'm sorry if you read all of this.
-Shoutout to STEVEN! Glad you somewhat enjoy my ramblings/rants/jibberjabber. Glad anyone reads this actually... Finally someone clicked on that little link by my twitter username. Thank you, Steven, and thank you, Jimmy Kimmel!
-Merrrr. Ipod's in the car...have to recharge it for the's cold and still dark...


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lost Lost LOST!!! that the oil spill is being dealt with and there isn't any oil freely spewing out 2 million gallons a day, or a least the last time I checked, I have no constant source of annoyance with big oil and supporters of "streamline government." My "Lost" marathon is sadly over...probably for the better, but it probably will live on in my own little world forever (or at least until the next wonderful thing aggressively captures my attention). Here are some ways in which the brilliant show has impacted my "life":

-I have had at least 9 extremely vivid, violent, and action-packed dreams involving all the characters from the show, especially the dreamy Dr. Jack Shephard. I'm starting to think this may be a problem considering the fact that I slept for 16 hours straight (I was exhausted from a previous all-nighter) and wouldn't have been awoken from my 16 hours of nonstop Lost-themed mindscrew if it weren't for my hungry sister. Also, my dream featured a very comfortably violent me. I was constantly trying to shoot someone with my rifle. At one point, I shot a man in the face with a spear gun, like the one in the episode where Charlie died. He was still talking afterward. Typical unrealistic dream of mine.
-I have discovered Lostpedia online! It features all the characters' information in each episode and their backgrounds. It also holds little secrets, allusions, and theories! BAH!! My own little pathetic heaven where people like me lose touch with reality.
-I almost screamed when I found out that Jorge Garcia's face was on the new album cover for Weezer. Actually, it was more of a quiet, "Ahhh!!!!" As I read the article, I was somewhat disappointed to know that the main guy was only on the second season and that none of the songs had to do with the show. Well, I'm still ecstatic about the acknowledging of this show.
-I am constantly wondering where I can find a guy like Jack. Maybe I'd even be wondering where I can find a future Matthew Fox. Come on...Columbia graduate, with his wife for 22 years, 2 kids, insanely tall, talented, and well...HOT (I JUST got comfortable saying this working on "handsome," which is going to take a while since it weirds me out).
-I have begun to finally say, "SCREW YOU, NORMALCY. DONT FORCE YOUR BIOLOGICAL CLOCK CRAP ON ME!" All my life, I have tried to keep a regular sleep schedule and still, no success. What is the point? Tonight, I pulled another all-nighter simply because I couldn't sleep. Back to the show...This is relevant because this show has led me to believe that normalcy is not for everyone.

I think I may have obsessive tendencies...
Sidethought: Maybe I'll delete this later and try to forget how painfully pathetic I once was.

Awake and ready for a 6-mile run! LET'S GIT!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Stream-of-Consciousness List on a Fine Friday Night

-English tea is the best
-I'm caffeinated.
-I hate being unable to win the argument over whether caffeine is a really is, isn't it?
-I'm so regulated on caffeine that my blood pressure on 3 cups of coffee is stil 116/68.
-I should go running in the morning...nothing like a good 8-mile jog to get your metabolism going.
-8-Mile....I should go watch that movie sometime.
-I wonder how that anorexic chick is doing...
-I want to go on a cross-country road trip again.
-Ron Artest tweets too much.
-Phil is BACK!!
-I need to change some habits...
-Goal: married by age 29...because that's when my residency will be over (if all goes well and if I don't slack off) and it will be impossible to meet anyone after that....*fingers crossed*
-Completely ALERT and it's almost 3AM...I need a life.

Friday, May 28, 2010

damn you,

It has been approximately 45 minutes. My sister and I had plans for two weeks to go to Midori (all-you-can-eat) Sushi in Studio City today. Then, suddenly, she had the urge to go on to find some alternatives to satisfy her annoyingly inconsistent appetite. Now, I find myself so bored out of my mind that I have gone through Twitter and Facebook and I need another outlet...BLOGGING. I've always hated blogging because, to be honest, who cares about what you have to say when you're not a public figure? Yet, I am sitting at my bed blogging as my sister shouts out suggestions for lunch spots from the other room. So, am HUNGRY and getting cranky. Go die.