Thursday, August 19, 2010

Domestic Me

Why so random? Really....Why do I have to be the most random person ever??? Here are my hobbies/activities/interests:
-designing/making clothes
-sewing things to use around the house (curtains, oven mitts, etc.)
-crocheting crap
-water polo/swim (3 years water polo, 4 years swim in high school)
-tennis (3 years in high school, 2 before hs)
-learning about human anatomy/processes
-reading somewhat dull books (autobiographical, Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, etc.)
-reading diy books and guide books
-watching ridiculous amounts of tv
-going to movie theatres only at night
-staying up for no good reason
-sleeping 18 hours at a time
-running 6-8 miles randomly, sometimes on no sleep
-black coffee
-black tea, green tea
-music hunting (indie, 80s, british, very little mainstream)
-driving long distances, cross-country road trips
-traffic (good time to think and sing in car)
-eating ridiculous amounts of food (burgers, mexican, korean, thai, fries)
-ironing clothes while watching tv
-intense, therapeutic cleaning sessions (throwing out a lot of stuff and scrubbing/vacuuming)
-not eating till dinner sometimes
-planning my wedding (no where near engaged, either)
-my dog only....any other dog seems like a dog. mine acts human
-completely irregular sleep cycle/biological clock
-cooking, NOT baking
-cleaning products that don't mess up my faucets
-matthew fox and all things lost-related, except ana lucia
-chick flicks
-blockbuster more than netflix
-raisinets, red vines, and popcorn (best combo for a movie)
-pc NOT macs
-not having my brain walled off by religion

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